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When can I enter the school?

There are 2 admission periods every year (April and October).
Is there a short-term course?

There are 2 courses available, the Long-term Course (1 semester: 6 months) and the Summer Intensive Course (4 weeks). We do not have a 3-month course.
Is there any age limit?

There is no age limit, but if 5 years or more have past since you graduated from your last school, you should submit a school attendance reason form and explain your plans for studying abroad.
How long is the time period for study at the school?

Irrespective of the semester you enter the school, you can study for 2 years at the most.
Is it necessary to study Japanese before entering the school?

You can apply even if you do not have any previous experience. In order to ensure that your studies go smoothly and so you can apply them in your daily life, please study how to read and write the hiragana and katakana syllabaries before you come to Japan.
How much time is required for application approval after submitting an application?

We will notify you about 2 weeks after we receive your application.
Please tell me how to apply.

Please send the necessary forms to the school by an international delivery service, such as EMS.
Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language
2-116 Uryuyama Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8271 JAPAN
What should I do about visa procedures?

On the behalf of the person applying, the school will submit an application for a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status to the Immigration Bureau. If you intend to enter the school in April, the application will be submitted in the middle of December, and the Certificate of Eligibility will be issued by the end of February. In addition, if you intend to enter the school in October, the application will be submitted in the middle of June, and the Certificate of Eligibility will be issued by the end of August. The Certificate of Eligibility will be sent directly to the applicant after the school fee has been paid, so apply for a ""Study Abroad"" visa at the Japanese Diplomatic Mission (Embassy or Consulate).
How much are the study abroad expenses?

School fee
2 years: 1,643,000 yen, 1 and a half year: 1,261,000 yen, 1 year: 881,000 yen, 6 months: 500,500 yen

Living expenses
An amount of about 100,000 yen per month will be required for living expenses for students studying abroad in Kyoto, including fees for lodging.
Please tell me how to apply for a dormitory.

Please indicate your intention by a check mark next to the wish to stay in a dormitory item (on the front of the application form) when you submit your application. We will send you a guide to the dormitories at a later date.
Coming to Japan.
Where is the closest airport? What transportation method is convenient for getting from the airport to the school? Can you have someone meet me at the airport?

Please reserve a flight that arrives at the Kansai International Airport or the Osaka International Airport. There is a shuttle bus from the airport to the school/dormitory. The school can make a reservation for the shuttle bus on your behalf, so after your flight is determined, please let us know the details. The shuttle bus driver will come to meet you at the exit of the arrival lobby at the airport.
After entering the school
How are the classes determined?

Classes are determined by a placement test (written examination and interview) taken when you enter the school. Importance is placed on your knowledge of Japanese (grammar and vocabulary), and also on your ability to use Japanese. Furthermore, we take the reason you want to acquire proficiency in Japanese (such as to proceed to the next stage of education, finding a job, etc.) into consideration.
I heard that attendance is important. Please explain.

When you apply for a visa renewal or change in visa status, or when you want to go on to the next stage of education at a college, university, or vocational school, this becomes an important matter In some cases, your application for a visa renewal or change in visa status may not be approved if your attendance is lower than 80%. Furthermore, if your attendance for each semester is not above 90%, we cannot act as an application agency on your behalf to the Immigration Bureau, and we cannot recommend you for scholarships or for proceeding on to the next stage of education. In addition, we cannot act as a guarantor for lodging accommodations.
I only want to study for half a year. Is that possible?

Yes it is possible, as we have a semester system in which registration is conducted every 6 months.
I don't understand Japanese very well, so I feel uneasy about it.

We have staff members at the school who can speak English, Chinese and Korean, so if you have any problems, please consult with us about it. In addition, we hold an ""exchange meeting with existing students""before classes start. You can get advice from existing students from your home country about life in Japan or studying.
I am worried about getting sick.

If you join the National Health Insurance system, you can get medical treatment at a low cost. In addition, KICL is a member of an insurance program (Disaster Compensation Scheme for Students in Japanese Language School) that covers the amount not covered by the National Health Insurance, which the student must normally pay. Please consult with us if you get sick.
I want to work part-time. Is that possible?

It is possible to work part-time in order to supplement your social experience or living expenses. After receiving application approval for ""Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence,"" you can work up to 28 hours per week. However, there are some cases where permission to work part-time may be denied, depending on the type or place of work.
I want to go on to the Kyoto University of the Arts. What kind of support do you have for that?

One of our elective classes, the ""Art and Design, Fundamental Class,"" is designed for students who want to go on to art-related universities. Academic staff members from the university teach the students of this class until they reach the level required to pass the entrance examination. Click here to see the content of the Art and Design, Fundamental Class.
Is a separate class fee necessary for the elective classes held in the afternoon?

No separate class fee is necessary, but there is a charge for textbooks.
Can I take part in clubs and circle activities conducted by the university?

Yes you can.
Is financial assistance available?

Students demonstrating superior academic performance results during a 6-month period may be selected to receive financial support in the form of a scholarship. Limited to 3 students, this scholarship provides an award of 100,000 yen for each student chosen. In addition, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology provides a study grant (30,000 yen per month, based on fiscal year 2019 results) for superior students (results and learning attitude) in Japan who intend to go on to higher education.
Can I buy commuter tickets?

You can buy commuter tickets for the JR trains, the private railways, and Kyoto City buses at a student discount. In districts where a one-way trip exceeds 100 km, and the JR student discount is valid, there is a 20% discount for regular boarding tickets.
Summer Intensive Course
How do I apply for extracurricular activities?

You can apply at the school after the summer course starts. Please pay the class fee when you apply.
How is class level determined?

Before the summer course starts, we send a placement test to everyone. The class level is determined based on the results of that test. After the summer course starts, if you think the class level is not right for you, you should consult your teacher immediately.
I feel uncertain about finding lodgings for the summer course.

The school has a number of dormitories available. If you are interested, we will send you reference materials.
Is it possible to receive a refund of the course fees which have already been paid by bank transfer if I cancel the course?

In cases of enrollment cancellation, the entire course fee (minus the registration fee) will be refunded up to 1 week after the start of the course. If you cancel after that time period, refunds are not possible.
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