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> Graduates' page

Graduates' page

Introducing our graduates

Here we introduce graduates from the school who are active in Japan, and all over the world.

⇒Student Interview


Here we have a guide to our alumni association, and the attendance program and schedule for the school explanations held in the various countries. Please attend these events. In addition, we welcome being notified of recent information about all of our alumni.
Mail address:kicl@kua.kyoto-art.ac.jp

Issuing certificates

Only students and graduates can apply for a certificate.

Items requiring attention
  • When you apply or receive a certificate, always have proper identification (or a copy) available.
    Documents that can be used as identification
    ""Resident card,"" ""Passport,"" ""Driver's license,"" ""Health insurance card""
  • It takes 7 days after receiving an application to issue a certificate. If you send an application by post office mail, it will take several more days to arrive, so please make sure you allow enough time when you send an application.

⇒卒業生 証明書申請(日本語)  /  ⇒JLPT証明書発行申請(日本語)

⇒Certificate application for graduates (English)  /  ⇒JLPT certificate application for graduates (English)

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