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> About Kyoto

About Kyoto

A Guide to Kyoto and the area around the campus

A Guide to Kyoto

 Kyoto is a city located in a basin surrounded by mountains to the East, West and North, with a population of 1. 4 million. Differing from urban cities like Tokyo and Osaka, there are no imposing high-rise buildings towering over the city. Still, Kyoto is one of the centers of culture and learning in Japan.
 Kyoto was the capital of Japan from the 8th century until the later half of the 19th century. Thus, it was the birth place of the characteristic culture of Japan. Traditional arts such as Kado, the art of flower arrangement, and Chado, tea ceremony, bloomed in Kyoto. Delicate and refined works of applied art were born in the culture of Kyoto, evolving into modern arts and crafts.
 Another facet of Kyoto is religion. Of course, the large number of temples and shrines are considered as famous tourist spots, but at one time temples were the center of the academic world and research. That was the foundation that led to Kyoto becoming a city at the center of learning in Japan. Now, on an international scale, people studying and conducting research in Kyoto are considered to be at the front line of research.
 Kyoto is not simply a city where ancient items can still be found. While incorporating the very latest concepts, Kyoto is a unique city where new traditions are constantly being created.

A guide to the area around the campus

The school is located facing Shirakawa Street, about 15-minute walk from Ginkakuji Temple and Philosopher's Walk. You can see Mt. Daimonji, one of the five famous mountains in Kyoto, from the school. The Heian Shrine, the Shugakuin Imperial Villa, and Shisen-dō, famous for its tinted autumnal leaves, are also famous spots in the vicinity. Kyoto University is located nearby, and there are in fact so many universities and colleges located in Kyoto that it is known as the ""city of students.""

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