Skeleton Crew Studio

Descripción del trabajo

Programming Manager

¿Cuándo ingresaste a KICL?


¿Qué hizo que decidieras estudiar en Japón?

Better access to the language, networking opportunities.

¿Qué aprendiste en KICL? ¿Qué ha sido útil para ti?

General language skills, JLPT test prep, business Japanese and culture, Japanese design and art.

Motivación para el trabajo

I wanted to learn about Japanese product design and their creation progress, and no better place to do that than in Japan.

Metas futuras

Continue working, get my permanent residency, and live in Japan.

Mensaje para los estudiantes actuales y futuros

KICL is only a tool, and only one part of your Japanese studies. It's a place where you'll make lifelong friends, make job and personal connections. It's a launch pad for the rest of your life either working in Japan, or doing something interesting in your home country or somewhere else around the world. Coming to Japan turns you into a global citizen.

Your studies are only what you put into them. If you are willing to take all of the extra classes, make friends outside of school, attend events, and join clubs, you will undoubtedly be able to communicate fluently in Japanese. If you think coming to Japan is enough, it will take you a lot longer to be proficient.

Getting here is the first step. What you do here will determine the rest of your life.