Alexander Tee




DiDi Food Japan

Descripción del trabajo

Strategic Operation Manager

¿Cuándo ingresaste a KICL?


¿Qué hizo que decidieras estudiar en Japón?

I wanted to learn a new language and always loved what Japan has to offer in terms of culture and history.

¿Qué aprendiste en KICL? ¿Qué ha sido útil para ti?


Motivación para el trabajo

The ability to help other to achieve their dreams

Metas futuras

No idea

Mensaje para los estudiantes actuales y futuros

KICL is a one of the best Japanese languages in Japan. Their course has a comprehensive focus on all areas like conversation, grammar and listening, providing you with a solid and systematic growth from beginner to advance level. Definitely the place to be if you are serious about picking up Japanese as a second language.