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Are you troubled with writing essays in Japanese?

📄Business documents (contracts, reports, e-mail etc.)
📄Resumes and CV
📄Self-promotion essays used for examinations or job applications
📄Writings used in presentation materials
📄Letters & Diaries

For those who are studying a foreign language, it is common to not have confidence in your writing and feel stressed. With KICL’s online essay correction, your writing is corrected into natural Japanese by a professional Japanese teacher.

And, we don’t just correct mistakes!

✒Check the context and structure of your writing
Not only do you learn the correct Japanese, but also how to organize the context of your writing in a conveyable way.

✒Accurate feedback
Receive feedback and reflect on your mistakes at any time. You can memorize the phrases and expressions used by native Japanese speakers.

✒Lesson are matched to your personal level
With a free sample lesson you can gain an understanding of your level. Steadily overcome the weaknesses that you have at your level.

✒Meetups with Japanese people
As a special benefit there are meetups and exchanges with Japanese people. It’s a great chance to use the Japanese that you learned from your writing!

Samples of corrections etc, please see the following link.